Custom VGA Planets Scenarios

2nd Place Winner 2005 - VGA Planets Chess

Version: v1.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Grant Woodring

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Publisher Description
Welcome to VGA Planets Chess! This scenario was inspired one day while I was doing nothing at work. (Don't tell the boss!) I was thinking about VGA Planets and how strategy warfare games could be compared to the classic strategy game of Chess. I decided to create a scenario that incorporated the basic-ness of Chess with the fun and dymanics of VGA Planets. So I came up with this scenario.

This scenario is designed for two (2) players only. I decided to test the scenario using The Solar Federation (Race 1) and The Fascist Empire (Race 4). (Although there are 55 possible Race combinations!)

The object of the game is simple. Capture (or destroy) your opponent's King (Class Ship). Each player gets one King (Class Ship) to begin the game and can not build or clone any the rest of the game. Once a King is captured (or destroyed), the game ends and the capturing (or destroying) player is the victor.


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