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Star Fleet Battles: The Klingon Civil War
1st Place Winner of the 2005 Circus-Maximus Scenario Design Contest.

Version: v2.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Matt Clouser

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Publisher Description

"The Race for Qo'Nos"


K'MPEC IS DEAD! The Leader of the Klingon High council has been poisoned. With his death by such dishonorable means, the High Council has disintegrated into a morass of accusations, denials and challenges. With suspicion falling on every major faction, there is no clear successor to the leadership of the council. The Empire has fallen into Civil War!!!

<<For you TREK purists out there, this scenario is based loosely on the events just prior to the ST:TNG episode "Reunion", but assumes that K'mpec died before he could contact Captain Picard. Now, no one is able to clearly identify Duras as the force behind K'mpec's assassination, and without Worf's involvement, Duras is still alive to lead his House!>>

The Klingon Civil War is a ten-player scenario set in the Star Trek universe during the Next Generation / Deep Space Nine Era. As a player in this scenario, you lead one of one of the ten factions vying for leadership of the High Council - and control of the Klingon Empire.

At the start of the game, the Civil War has just begun and fighting has already broken out across the Empire. Smaller houses and factions have aligned themselves with each of the player races, and have committed their worlds and ships to the players cause. As a result, each player has several small starting fleets and somewhat dispersed territory within the divided empire.


The goal is simple - the player who controls Qo'Nos, the Klingon Homeworld, at the end of Turn 75 wins!  If no one has taken Qo'Nos by then, the player with the highest score wins.


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