Custom VGA Planets Scenarios

Scenario - Starfleet Battles

Version: v2.5
Type: Freeware
Author: Matt Clouser

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Publisher Description
This mod pays homage to the "STAR FLEET BATTLES" game series by the Amarillo Design Group, who also designed the original "FEDERATION AND EMPIRE" strategy board game.  Both games are set in the Star Trek universe during the original series era. 

Mark Satchell and I made the FEDERATION AND EMPIRE (FEDEMP) scenario modification for VGA Planets back in 1995 and is available for download on this page.  Our FEDEMP mod was an attempt to simulate the board game using the VGA Planets game engine - it included not only modified races and ships, but also included a custom map, star names and starting fleets based on the starting setup in the FEDEMP board game. 

STAR FLEET BATTLES (SFB) is a smaller mod intended for "start-from-scratch" games, using only modified race and ship data. While most of the races and ships are similar to FEDEMP, they are designed with stand-alone play in mind.  The races included are, in order:  Fed, Gorn, Romulan, Klingon, Orion, Seltorian, Tholian, Lyran, I.S.C., Hydran, and Kzin.

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