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Star Fleet Battles: The Arena
1st Place Winner of the 2006 Circus-Maximus Scenario Design Contest.

Version: v1.1
Type: Freeware
Author: BANE & Matt Clouser

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Publisher Description


The Metrons looked on the galaxy with despair. One entire quadrant was ablaze in conflict - some fighting for conquest, some for survival, some in a vain attempt to restore order.

The Metrons had revealed themselves to a Federation and Gorn captain in this quadrant years ago after a misunderstanding brought their respective races to the brink of an interstellar war. Setting up a personal contest between the captains on a barren planet, they were able to help them see past their small, parochial concerns.

Since then, the Metron's associates - the Organians - had held this troublesome quadrant in check for many years, suppressing several potential conflicts between races.

But recently, the Organian's mysterious disappearance had resulted in an almost immediate resumption of hostilities. The Metrons watched at first, hoping some of the more enlightened of these younger races would impose order on their own. But that slim hope failed - miserably.


The Metrons appeared simultaneously in the councils, chambers, and throne rooms on the homeworlds of all the warring factions. Each race had a representative colony transported to a large scale "Arena" set in a distant cluster. There, they would compete in a series of staged confrontations for the very survival of their race!


SFB Arena pits 8 players against each other in a tournament.  There are three elimination or "conflict" stages to the tournament in a map separated into 4 distinct clusters.

  • Conflict #1 (8 Players) - At the beginning of the scenario each player starts in one of the clusters with one other player - the goal in this stage is to capture and control the homeworld of the other player in the cluster. (Uses VGAP's REFEREE Invasion scenario).  Conflict #1 ends when each of the four clusters have a victor - and the losers are eliminated from the game.

  • Conflict #2 (4 Players) -  In this stage of the tournament the winner in each cluster is matched up with the winner of another cluster. Their two clusters are now connected via wormholes.  The goal in this stage is to kill 20,000 tons of enemy ships (Uses VGAP's REFEREE Ton scenario).  Conflict #2 ends there are two winners.  Like before, the losers are eliminated from the game.

  • Conflict #3 (2 Players) -  In the final stage, all of the clusters are connected via wormhole.  The remaining two players battle it out in a all-out land grab.  The victor is the player who controls two thirds (67%) of the stars on the map.   


Tied in with the Arena Tournament is the "Evolution" concept.  Using a specially tailored Star Fleet Battles shipslist, each player starts with a limited number of ships available to build.  At later stages in the game, more ships are added to each players build queue.

  • Conflict #1 will be played with ships from Phase 1 and 2 of evolution.  In general, Phase 1 is light freighters, Frigates (beams only ships) and destroyers (light torp ships).    In Phase 2, the ship lists add in larger freighters / tugs, some of your lighter carriers and cruisers (medium torp ships).

  • Conflict #2 will be played with ships from Phase 3 and 4 of evolution.  Phase 3 ships is where you start getting your alchemy ships, light-to-medium carriers, and heavy cruisers.  Phase 4 adds in the battle cruisers, dreadnoughts and some the earlier heavy carriers.

  • Conflict #3 stars out Phase 5 of Evolution.  These are the largest ships in the game - your heavy guns.  The larger dreadnoughts, battleships and heavy carriers finally make their appearance.



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