Custom VGA Planets Scenarios

Scenario - Star Trek: Alpha Quadrant

Version: v1.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Matt Clouser

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Publisher Description
VGAP: Alpha Quadrant is a mod for VGA Planets 3.X that uses a modified ship list (and new graphics) set in the Star Trek universe in the era of the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine TV series.  It supports both VGA Planets for DOS and Windows.

Race Original VGAP Scenario Ability
1 Solar Federation Federation Super Refit
2 Lizards Gorn Hiss Mission
3 The Birdmen Romulan SuperSpy
4 Fascists Klingon Plunder
5 Privateers Orion Rob Ships
6 Cyborg Borg Assimilation
7 Crystals Tholian Web Mines
8 Empire Dominion Dark Sense
9 Robots Cardassian Mine Bonus
10 Rebel Ferengi Planetary Assault
11 Colonials Maquis Fighter Sweep & Free Fighters

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