Custom VGA Planets Scenarios

Scenario - Riftwar

Version: v1.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Matt Clouser

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Publisher Description
RIFT WAR is a VGA PLANETS game designed for team play. It's played on a custom-designed VGA PLANETS map with a wide empty band, or "rift" running from the southwest (1000/1000) to the northeast (3000/3000) corner. Each team starts on one side of the rift. As opposed to the standard VGA PLANETS game where it's who conquers the universe (or lasts the longest!) wins; this game is specifically designed to accommodate team play. Each team player's race must depend on his fellow teammates' races to win the game.

OBJECTIVE: The first team to accumulate 100 Victory Points (VP's) at the beginning of a game turn wins. A player gathers 5 VP's for each of the four star systems in the center of the rift (111-MIDWAY, 120-LACERTA, 375-CENTRUM and 476-CASTOR), and 2 VP's for each star system on the opposing teams side of the rift.


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