Custom VGA Planets Scenarios

Scenario - Federation & Empire - A Starfleet Battle

Version: v2.0
Type: Freeware
Author: Mark Satchell and Matt Clouser

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Publisher Description
F&E2 is a VGAP scenario based on the strategy board game FEDERATION & EMPIRE set in the Star Fleet Battles Universe created by the Amarillo Design Bureau and published by Task Force Games.

All elements of this universe have been recreated for VGAP. The map, ships, names, statistics, races, territories, fleets, weapons and more have been created and prepositioned according to the board game.

So for VGAP players, this means fully created empires with supporting fleets await your commands from the beginning turn.

The addons STARBASE+, RACEPLUS, TACHYON by Dan & Dave and FHOST by Michael Raith, are highly recommended for total mayhem and enjoyment.

This archive contains all of the files required for this scenario.


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